Below is a small selection of poems selected from Sharon Fryes “Blue Lamentations And other Noisy Scrawls”



Drag horse feathers

Behind yesteryears

Heaped end over end

In a pinewood box

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Glass Berries

My head lays on the soft folds

of her periwinkled apron,

draped across her ample lap.

I sniff Atlantic blue flowers-

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Growth Ring

come let’s sit

on the front porch

in pink morning air

savor coffee

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Last Chance for Rain

She brought his mail each day at three.

He watched the clock hands position,

pointing in perpendicular lines.

He unfolded from leather chair

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Prelude, Voice Aquiver

I am not content

to fade into yesterday’s

almanac, landing on a

shelf of dusty dreams,

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In the Silence

I have cast away my idols

For a glimpse of holy feet

And heaved my golden bowls

Into the fire

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