Sharon Frye

Sharon Frye is a poet living in Northern Oklahoma. When not delivering mail for the USPS, she enjoys photography as well as writing. Her chapbook, “Last Chance for Rain” was published in 2014 by Writing Knights Press.

Sharon has read her work in Ireland, Sacramento, Little Rock, Tulsa, Dallas and Oklahoma City. She featured in the symphony hall of her hometown Enid, Oklahoma. She joins the “Woody Guthrie Poets” yearly to celebrate the life and legacy of the songwriter. In 2002, she read her September 11th poem at the dedication of the firetruck, THE SPIRIT OF OKLAHOMA to firefighters from FDNY.

Sharon is especially touched by an unknown soldier who tattooed 22 lines of a prayer she authored on his back. She is also grateful to the woman who wrote her to say she keeps one of her inspirational poems in a frame beside her bed.

Frye’s poems have been published in these journals: Silver Bow Publishing, The Galway Review, The Portuguese Journal “O Equador das Coisas,” Mad Swirl, The Blue Max Review 2013 & 2014 (Ireland) Writing Knights Press Anthology 2014 & 2015, Melinda Cochrane International, The First Cut, Ink and Letters, Quail Bell Magazine, Sacramento Voices, The New Ulster, #49 and #50 & The BeZine.

Her most recent volume of poetry, “Blue Lamentations and Other Noisy Scrawls” was published by Cold River Press in March 2017.